Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Google launches Android

So Google had finally launched its mobile platform and its afterall not a mobile phone. Android is what Google calls it and its an open source software stack that allows developers and device manufacturers to build applications and powerful devices.

Google has announced a large list of partners who are working with the company. Taking part are Motorola, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Intel, Broadcom, T-Mobile, Sprint, China Mobile, NTT DoCoMo just to name a few of them.

Andy Rubin who is spearheading the project expects the 1st Android based devices to be ready in 2nd half of 2008.

What is Android?
A fully integrated mobile “software stack” that consists of an operating system, middleware, user-friendly interface and applications. The open source platform will allow mobile operators and device manufacturers significant freedom and flexibility to design products.

My personal take away is while it still remains to be seen whether such openness will transform the industry, one thing for sure the initiative will drive down cost of the devices due to lower costs in licensing for the software allowing developers and manufacturers to focus more on hardware features.

Google and the Open Handset Alliance, can they really change? Anything is possible; the mobile and internet landscape is changing rapidly. But Google ain’t Apple. Time will tell..... and lets see how the whole story will unfold.

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