Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nine out of ten top Brands are on app stores

A new report by mobile analytics firm Distimo says 91 per cent of the top 100 brands now has a presence in at least one of the major mobile app stores. The rate stood at 51 per cent 18 months ago.

Distimo defines its top brands as those contained in the Interbrand 2011 Best Brands report such as Coca-Cola, BMW, Disney and IBM. The report reveals the average number of apps published at a massive 24. Pretty remarkable. But dig down and you see that the figure is skewed by the output of firms like Disney (636) and Sony (285).

The primary driver for this activity seems to be brand awareness as only 27 per cent of the brands have released paid apps: the rest go free. Apple’s App Store is unsurprisingly the primary destination of these brands. Indeed, 86 per cent have a presence in iTunes, actually you'd think it would be all of them. Meanwhile 66 per cent are on iPad, 59 per cent in Android Market, 26 per cent in BlackBerry’s App World and nine per cent on Ovi.

Among the top brands, it's media companies that are the busiest, with an average of 247 apps each, followed by software firms (36 apps per company), business services (31 per cent) and automotive (29 per cent). The report says 2,343 branded apps are available from companies on Interbrand's Top 100 list.

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