Thursday, July 15, 2010

$1,400 earned on the 1st day of Apple mobile advertising network iAds

Mashable is reporting that one developer using iAds has already generated over $1,400 in revenue for his free iPhone 4 app. Jason Ting, who’s app was just approved for the App Store yesterday, showed decent sales for the paid version, but revenue generated from the free version is what was truly impressive.

The app, which turns the flash on iPhone 4 devices into an LED flashlight, generated $1,372.20 in revenue on Day One alone, with an eCPM (effective cost per thousand) at a staggering $147.55. The iAds served through the app which was downloaded roughly 9,000 times generated 26,651 requests, 9,300 impressions and a CTR of 11.8%.

Most of the ads being served were from Dove and Nissan, which likely had huge introductory media buys. Though the novelty of iAds likely has something to do with it, with users quick to click on the ad to see what the all the hype is about, it’s still impressive nonetheless.

Check out the video of first iAds ever created below, one for Nissan’s new fully-electric LEAF vehicle. The ad takes advantage of nearly everything iAds and the iPhone has to offer, creating a truly impressive advertisement that lives directly inside the app.

Untitled from Justin Montgomery on Vimeo.

Source : Mashable

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