Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Buzz launches

Google Buzz is a new way to share and discover inside of Gmail. It is akin to a whole new environment inside of Gmail. Buzz has a feature called auto-following, to let you find a new social graph without all of the work behind actually looking for those people. Buzz will follow all of the people that you already email with, building on your current Gmail contact list

With the auto-follow capability, you will automatically be set up with a feed coming in from your contacts, inside of you Gmail inbox, right away. This will bring Buzz millions of users on day one, creating overnight a heavyweight in social sharing.

A set of new features adds functionality like status updates, inline images and links, and location, where posts tagged with geographical information have an extra dimension of context based on the poster’s location.

The service integrates tightly with Google’s other services - Gmail, Picasa, Google Reader, and YouTube – and also hooks into the likes of Flickr and Twitter.

On mobile, Buzz adds a new layer to Google Maps, which allows you to see Buzz comments and updates near you or anywhere on the map, so in addition to checking out updates from people you’re following, you can also see info from the people around you.

Buzz for mobile is already available for the iPhone and Android but the kicker is that the app is only working on Android 2.0 at present, while the layer for Google Maps is only backwards compatible as far as Android 1.6.


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I think google buzz will give tough time to facebook, because google buzz is more user friendly.

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