Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Motorola offering Full Length Film Downloads

With all the craze and hypes on the iPhone 3G, Motorola has announced a deal of its own in UK, it has done a deal with Paramount Pictures to offer full-length film downloads on its handsets, including The Italian Job, Star Trek and Team America. These fim downloads will be available through Motorola's web-based store, combining classics titles and newer films.

Motorola's movie download store will later be extended to France, Spain, Germany and Italy. Users pay between £5.99 and £8.99 per title for dual delivery, for download on their PC and then sideload them into the phones.

The biggest issue here would be why would users want to watch a full length film on mobile phone-size screen when they can have the luxury of a big screen at home. How long will the download take if its over the air? Wouldnt this be overly costly? Even if the user has access to an unlimited data plan package, its going to take him ages just to download one film. I m sure the service comes with sideloading from the PC but i still cant see what Moto is trying to achieve here.

They are certainly trying to head similar path as Apple iTunes but without a device like the iPhone, why even bother. Moto needs to renew its device direction. No point trying to do anything without getting the device development right. They should take the cue from Apple or Nokia.

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Brett said...

You think it will be alternative of iPhone. But I think iPhone is not only a phone but also it is a craze of mobile phone user.