Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mobile has got to be the future of the web

In a recent research (Continental Research), 12% (7.4million) of all mobile phone users in the UK will access mobile internet services and this figure will rise to 38% of mobile phone users in Western Europe by 2013.

According to Forrester, the key barriers to further penetration include lack of awareness (not all mobile users know how to get online) and web sites that aren’t designed with mobile use in mind but such landscapes are changing fast with operators taking leading role to increase the awareness of mobile internet. In China alone, there are more than 60,000 mobile internet sites and this figure wont be stopping here.

People on the move have needs to look up for directions to a shop or restaurant or to check bus or train times. Mobile devices are fabulous tools of convenience. When facing ‘dead time’ (such as on a bus or train or in a taxi) people can use the web on their mobile device for research, shopping, social networking or catching up on last night’s TV.

Mobile internet use is mostly task based and when creating mobile web sites for mobile devices companies need to consider what information users are most likely to be looking for or what they will want to achieve. They should then create optimised user journeys accordingly based on their understanding of their customers’ needs. The design should be kept simple and clean. When more companies begin to do this more effectively, the age of the mobile web will surely take off.

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Charles Edward Frith said...

The web comes in many formats. From Desktop to notebook to mobile. Each has its own context.