Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Nobody can be more special than my dad, Robert Foo (check out his blog here) who has been nothing short of great. Supporting and guiding me all these years through good and bad times. Showing me the recipe of living a wholesome and meaningful life. Teaching me both the goods and bads and always reminding me to be a good "naughty son" just like my dad who has always been a great "naughty" dad. This is a video that i would like to dedicate to you dad and of course to all the good "naughty" dads who are reading my blog now. Enjoy the clip and Happy Father's Day. And for those of you who are not "Dad-enabled" yet, dont forget to go give your dad a big hug and wish him happy father's day.

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Robert Foo said...

Hi son...

WoW! U still remember dad. Yes! I had taught you the good & the bad part of life. Knowing the good itself, isn't good, if you don't understand the bad. I had breeded the good naughtiness in you to make you a stronger & independence person. Now I know you will be a wonderful and understanding dad to your own children. Happy Father's Dad to you as well, son. Your blog of today make me proud too.