Monday, March 19, 2012

Netease - Mobile Internet Data Report 2011

Netease released an info graphic in chinese on Netease mobile Internet in 20111. Below are some of the findings include:

- HTC, Samsung and Motorola are the top three brands for Android devices
- Guangdong province has the highest penetration rate in smartphone usage
- 9pm-11pm is the period with the highest mobile usage on both iOS and Android devices
- For news related applications, the highest usage is during 8am-9am
- On iOS devices, games (20%), entertainment (10%) and books (9%) are the top three most popular categories; while on Android, it’s tools (21%), games (21%) and entertainment (7%)
- on AppStore, the number of free apps download equals to that of paid apps; but there are twice the number of free apps downloaded on Android Market
- Games is the favorite category (33%) for Netease Apps on iOS but tools (22%) are the most popular on Android. 

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