Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apple launches iPad 2

Apple has unveiled the new iPad 2 promising a device that is twice as fast as its predecessor.

The product, announced by Steve Jobs himself in a rare public appearance since his latest medical leave, is also one third thinner and 15% lighter than the original iPad.

The iPad 2 will begin shipping in the US on March 11 and internationally on March 25.

It will use a new dual-core A5 processor, and be powered by iOS 4.3. The base version will have 16GB of memory, scaling up to 64GB on the highest-end model. It will come in black and white from launch.

It will use the same screen as the original iPad, but use new graphics processing capabilities that Jobs said promises a ninefold speed boost.

As expected, the device will come with two cameras, including a front-facing one capable of recording 720p HD video.

The base model will have an RRP of $499 in the US, the same as the first iPad. To coincide with the launch, prices for the original models have been shaved by $100.

Apple's first-mover advantage should help it enjoy a market lead over Android until at least 2015, when devices based on Google platforms overtake those on Apple's iOS by a margin of 36% to 35%.


bundaberg computer said...

i have seen the launch of Ipad2 by jobs .. this product looks really cool thanks for the article

sydney it support said...

ipad 2 is indeed a awsome product. waiting desperatly for it . I had the pervious version but i had the new version is much more faster than the first one

Credit Cards said...

My friend in New York actually stayed outside of Apple just to have a first look with this. He says it is much worth buying that the first one. I've been looking for a lot of reviews from blogs and techie website before I spend my bucks :D. Thanks for the article it really looks cool in the video!