Monday, July 18, 2011

Google - Mobile Ad Revenue to Hit US$14 Billion By 2015

A new report by Canaccord Genuity has predicted that Google’s mobile ad revenue will reach US$14 billion by 2015 driven by smartphone uptake, growth of Android, and new services offered by Google.

This figure represents nearly half the US$29 billion Google generated from online ad sales last year and shows that the mobile platform is closing the gap on web based platforms.

This report is in line with the prediction that mobile will eventually draw level with online platforms before overtaking them due to changing consumer behaviour.

According to the report Google already brings in 2.5 billion from Mobile Ads with much of this coming from search and display ads that Google serves on Apple devices. But their dominance will only increase thanks to all the new products that they are releasing and as the consumer uptake for these services continues to grow.


sakasima said...

Obsolutely, Mobile ad platform is nearing the web platform in all means. Eventually mobile platform can beat web platform in 3-4 years..As Android OS is avail for smartphones then it will reach high in the market not only in US, UK but also in rest of the world.I think if it happens then the evolution of computers will reach its end almost....

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