Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Idle Mobile Screen

Celltick, pioneer of Active Content Marketing, has introduced a new medium into the mobile space. Its flagship product, LiveScreen Media, allows content providers and advertisers to broadcast targeted content messages to millions of mobile phone idle screens, turning them into a network of interactive personal billboards and creating a strong revenue stream for operators.

Operators around the world are now beginning to discover an unused asset that has the potential to blow the mobile content market wide open: the idle screen on the mobile.

What's Idle Screen?

The idle screen is what the phone reverts to whenever it's not in use. Sometimes it acts as a clock, and most of the time it's just blank or empty.

What the idle screen could be carrying is a stream of engaging, intriguing, relevant content 'snacks' that alert users to the existence of fresh mobile content while bringing them one click away from that content.

Idle screen applications are gaining momentum because they offer unique advantages which cannt be replicated on portals alone :

1. No touch initiation - all the user has to do is glance
2. One click interaction - linking directly to revenue-generating services
3. Zero intrusion - content arrives silently and disappears when the phone is used
4. Targeting - content can be aimed at specific user segments.

Celltick's LiveScreen is an active content discovery system that delivers a new kind of experience to mobile users. It transforms the otherwise idle screen into an engaging series of relevant 'conten bites', designed to entertain and drive traffic to the operator's revenue generating services.

How it works?
Celltick's LiveScreen server delivers a stream of targetted 'teasers' to the idle screen. These could include celebrity gossip, news headlines, sports scores, music news, games, polls, offers, promotions or sponsored content.

Each teaser carries behind it a 'mini menu', giving the user a choice of actions - anything from downloading a ring tone to reading a news story, entering a contest or taking part in a community-driven poll. The mini menu choices present a range of targeted links to content personalized based on the user's profile, preferences and past usage pattenrs to maximize relevance.

Teasers arrive silently and disappear when the phone is used. No intrustion, just new opportunities to interact and discover.

Great Product and I m sure many operators will find this solution creative and in fact some had already implemented Celltick's LiveScreen solution.

Honda mobile advertising campaign reached millions of Thailand's AIS subscribers using Celltick's LiveScreen. The campaign was aimed to raise brand awareness for Honda motorbikes. Interactive sponsored safety tips were broadcast daily to users’ idle-screen. The result - 3m unique impressions in 3 weeks, more than 100,000 users clicked to participate in a prize draw. Very Impressive......

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This is a great idea. Got me thinking now.